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Basic Training

To help you get started in SDS/2, Design Data offers free training at its Lincoln, Nebraska, headquarters. This page has all the information you'll need when traveling to Lincoln for training. Basic Training covers project setup, member input, connection design, material input and more. To see what all is covered in Basic Training, click here.

2016 Basic Training Dates
January 11-15, 2016
February 8-12, 2016
March 7-11, 2016
April 4-8, 2016
May 2-6, 2016
June 6-10, 2016
July 11-15, 2016
August 8-12, 2016
September 12-16, 2016
October 24-28, 2016
November 7-11, 2016
December 5-9, 2016

Continuing Education

Those attending Continuing Education courses must have worked on the system at least eight months and have a good understanding of how SDS/2 functions. These courses will be taught in SDS/2 2015; therefore, an understanding of 2015 operations is necessary.

Continuing Education covers Parametrics and Custom Properties, Report Writer and Advanced Selection, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Revision Control. To find out more about Continuing Education, click here.

2016 Continuing Education Dates
March 21-25, 2016
May 9-13, 2016
July 18-22, 2016
September 26-30, 2016
November 14-18, 2016

To sign up for Basic Training or Continuing Education, please contact Design Data at 402.441.4000, or email Lacey Niemeyer or Kealey Snyder.

Online Training

Design Data offers an online basic training course so you can attend from the comfort of your own office, with less downtime and no travel expenses. This basic training course covers project setup, member input, connection design, material input and more. The course will consist of live training and Q&A sessions with a certified SDS/2 instructor, video training, and application exercises for a hands-on experience. It will take an estimated 30 hours to complete the course, depending on skill level and learning ability.

To participate in the online basic training course, you must have SDS/2 2015 installed and functional, an internet connection, and either a telephone or microphone and speakers to communicate with the instructor.

Materials Required
Design Data will provide attendees with the required drawings and literature to participate in the online training course.

The cost for the four-day online basic training course is $500 per person. Upon completion of the course, attendees will receive a certificate of completion, as well as a promotional code to attend the 2016 SDS/2 Users Group at no cost.

To learn more or to register for SDS/2 Online Basic Training, click here.

Basic Training Video Tutorials

Design Data has also created a series of basic training videos to provide you with needed information on learning to use SDS/2. Video topics range from creating a new project and modeling tools and navigation to creating assemblies and plotting and PDF creation.

You can access the Getting Started video series here.

YouTube Channel

Design Data's YouTube channel includes technical training videos, sales overview videos and webinar videos. It serves as a great resource for learning more about what SDS/2 can do, and how you can do it.

You can access our YouTube channel here.

Previous Webinars

Access the Webinar Archive

New/2 2016: Beam and Horizontal Brace Connection Enhancements

SDS/2 2016 has made improvements to beam and horizontal brace connections, including HSS beam paddle plates, HSS reinforcements, welds for CSA design, clipped horizontal brace gussets and more. In this webinar, you will see and learn how all the enhanced beam and horizontal brace connections function. Download the video

New/2 2016: Varying Hole Spacing and Column and Joist Connection Enhancements

SDS/2 2016's enhancements to connections include varying hole spacing, extension plates with stiffeners, non standard beam gage for joists and more. In this webinar, you will learn how to take advantage of varying hole spacing, how to set up when extension plates should be used, and how to set up SDS/2 to use non standard beam gages. Download the video