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MAY 22

Industry News Roundup: May 22

An article in Modern Steel featured pictures of the steel work underway for a construction project in Chicago’s West Loop.

The American Galvanizers Association announced the winners of the 2015 Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing Awards. Read more on the association’s website.  

Chicago’s Michigan Avenue Bridge, also known as the DuSable Bridge, opened May 15, 1920. Learn about the bridge in an article in Modern Steel.

See preliminary concept renderings for the United States Olympic Museum in an article in Building Design+Construction magazine.

In case you missed our latest blog post:

You can now watch the recorded presentations from this year’s NASCC online. Read our latest blog to see where you can watch the sessions.

MAY 20

NASCC Sessions now Available for Viewing

Presentations that were recorded at this year’s NASCC: The Steel Conference can now be viewed online. More than 100 sessions are available for free viewing. Topics range from bridges to seismic design. There are also sessions on large trusses and the NISD. 

You can view the sessions on the American Institute of Steel Construction’s website

Several Design Data customers and partners led or participated in sessions during the conference. See one of our previous blogs for a list of our partners and customers and their presentations.   

“We strongly believe that providing free access to high quality educational material benefits everyone in the industry,” AISC Vice President Scott Melnick said in article in Modern Steel

This year’s conference was held in Nashville, Tennessee, in March. The event drew a record-setting crowd this year. More than 4,500 structural engineers, detailers, erectors and fabricators from around the world attended.  

The Design Data team attended the conference and set up two booths. One booth featured demonstrations of SDS/2, and the other offered attendees the opportunity to learn about our Keys to Making BIM Easy seminars.

 Multimedia proceedings are available for conferences since 2008 on AISC’s website.  

Next year, the conference will be held April 13-15 in Orlando Florida. The event will be held in conjunction with the World Steel Bridge Symposium, the Modern Steel article says. 

MAY 15

Industry News Roundup: May 15

This week’s news resources: 

About 50 teams of students will compete in the National Student Steel Bridge Competition next week. See who the qualifying teams are in an article in Modern Steel

Construction is starting on a $1 billion mixed-use project in Orlando, which includes steel from the demolished Amway Arena. Read more about the 68-acre project on Building Design+Construction magazine

The average size of new commercial buildings in growing, a new study found. See three charts that show building size trends in Building Design+Construction magazine

About 45,000 jobs were added to the construction industry in April, a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found. Learn more the report in Building Design+Construction magazine

In Seoul, an old overpass will be turned into a park. Read about the park’s “library of plants” in an article in Building Design+Construction magazine.   

In case you missed our latest blog post:

The Design Data team will present at the American Institute of Steel Construction’s BIMsteel workshops this year. Learn about the workshops in our latest blog.  

MAY 13

Design Data presenting at BIMsteel workshops

Design Data will present during the BIMsteel workshops held around the country this year. 

The workshops include a 30-minute introduction focusing on making the most of your model, the American Institute of Steel Construction says.  

Part 1 of the workshop is Model Sharing - From Design to Detailing. Topics in this section include efficiently packaging and preparing the model for transfer, and properly receiving and importing the model for best results. 

The second part of the workshop is Model Review and Approval. This section covers packaging the model to be used as a submittal for the review process, and receiving and working within a model for review and approval purposes. 

This part of the workshop will also include a Q&A and panel discussion.

The next workshop is May 21 in Greenville, South Carolina. 

The remaining events are: 

San Francisco on June 8

Philadelphia on June 25

Minneapolis/St. Paul on July 16

Cleveland on July 23

Charlotte on Aug. 13

Nashville on Aug. 27

Houston on Sept. 1 

And Orlando on a date to be announced

The workshops are free, but seating is limited so registration is important. Read more about the workshops in the April issue of The Connector.  

The American Institute of Steel Construction’s website has information about the workshops and links to register for the workshops.


Industry News Roundup: May 8

This week’s news resources: 

Magazine eVolo recently held a design competition for skyscrapers that aren’t limited by physics or budgets. See six of these skyscrapers in CityMetric.  

Drones are being used to map job sites in Pennsylvania. Learn more about the technology in Building Design+Construction magazine.  

The Department of Energy is looking for feedback on its methodology for assessing the cost-effectiveness of its building energy codes. Read more in Building Design+Construction magazine.  

Nominations for the 2015 Excellence in Welding Awards will be accepted until June 30. Learn more about the awards in an article in Modern Steel.  

In case you missed our latest blog post:

The American Galvanizers Association, one of Design Data’s partners, is collaborating on a free bridge webinar that will be offered during Infrastructure Week. Read about the webinar in our previous blog. 


Free Bridge Webinar Part of Infrastructure Week

Infrastructure Week is around the corner, and among the many events going on during the week will include a free webinar all about short span steel bridge design.

This year Infrastructure Week is May 11-15. Infrastructure Week will bring together thousands of stakeholders to highlight the importance of investing in and modernizing American’s infrastructure systems, the week’s website says. Infrastructure Week features events in Washington, D.C., and around the country.

The free webinar is titled “Innovative, Cost-Effective Options for Short Span Steel Bridge Design.” 

The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance is hosting the webinar, Modern Steel says, in cooperation with the American Iron and Steel Institute and Design Data partner, The American Galvanizers Association. 

 Professor Greg Michaelson of Marshall University is conducting the webinar. 

According to Modern Steel, the webinar will “present information on press-brake formed tub girder technology for short-span…bridges and how they facilitate accelerated bridge construction (ABC) while also offering an economical and competitive design solution.”  

Two projects using this new technology will be constructed this year in Iowa and West Virginia. 

The webinar will also discuss eSPAN140, a free design tool that “delivers customized preliminary short span steel bridge designs in three steps and under five minutes,” the webinar description says.  

The webinar starts at 2 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 12. 


Industry News Roundup: May 1

This week’s news resources: 

Read about Nordstrom Tower, which would be just one foot shorter than One World Trade Center, in an article in Building Design+Construction magazine

A draft of the 2016 AISC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings is available for review. Learn more in an article in Building Design+Construction magazine.

More than 2,000 students built scaled structures that are earthquake safe for 2015’s Tech Challenge. Read more about the challenge in an article in Modern Steel

In case you missed our latest blog post:

There are many different ways to learn about SDS/2. Read our previous blog about Design Data’s training opportunities.  

APR 29

Design Data offers variety of training opportunities

Whether it’s a quick webinar or a week-long Basic Training course, Design Data offers many opportunities to learn about SDS/2. 

For example, we’re offering 12 Basic Training courses and six Continuing Education courses in 2015. 

The Basic Training courses are designed to help attendees get started in SDS/2. The week-long courses are free and held in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

The course covers project setup, member input, connection design, material input and more. Check out the course outline to see everything that is covered in the course.  

A series of basic training videos is also available.  

Continuing Education courses cover Parametrics and Custom Properties, Report Writer and Advanced Selection, BIM, and Revision Control. 

Users who want to get up to speed on new SDS/2 features can attend a one-day SDS/2 2015 seminar. 

These seminars are held across the country. Check out our website to see if an SDS/2 2015 seminar is coming to your area.  

Design Data is also offering five Keys to Making BIM Easy seminars this year. These seminars will highlight some of the most useful tools and commonly used workflows for today’s projects. 

Attendees will see a model move through each step within SDS/2 and learn about workflows that have yielded the best results in the real world. 

Webinars are frequently held to teach users about a variety of SDS/2 features. Previous webinars are available in the webinar archive.  

Check out the events page to stay informed about new training opportunities.  

APR 24

Industry News Roundup: April 24

This week’s news resources: 

See photos of the new Minnesota Vikings stadium in an article in Modern Steel. The steel erection for the roof frame is expected to be completed by this fall. 

Students can apply for AISC scholarships for the 2015-16 academic year until May 1. Learn more about the scholarships in Modern Steel. 

In case you missed our latest blog post:

The Design Data team will be at BIMForum next week. Read about the conference in our previous blog. 


The Connector publication contains news about the structural steel industry and related events, customer spotlights, as well as information about SDS/2 and Design Data.

Delivered via e-mail, The Connector gets this important information straight to Design Data’s customer contacts. This format allows these customers to easily route our newsletter throughout their business, so all SDS/2 users can benefit from the valuable information it contains.

SDS/2 Software Provides Framework for
Detroit Medical Center Heart Hospital

When the new $78-million, 190,000-square-foot Detroit Medical Center Heart Hospital opens in early 2014, Design Data's SDS/2 software will have played an important role in the six-story project.

Meeting the project's challenges required collaboration between Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED) — the project's structural engineer — and Douglas Steel Fabricating Corporation — the project's fabricator — via SDS/2.

Using SDS/2, Douglas Steel automatically designed connections for each beam, brace, column and framing condition, which enabled HED engineers to validate the connection capacities against the required values.

To learn more about how HED and Douglas Steel successfully used SDS/2, read the full article in the March 2013 issue of Modern Steel Construction.